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A Unique Approach to Analyzing and Managing Your Benefit Needs

Endeavor Insurance Services, Inc. is a full-service Employee Benefits Manager founded on the belief that employer groups and their employees need greater emphasis placed on 'education' as a means of lowering insurance premiums and claim expenditures.

Our Insurance Underwriting Model was designed to educate employer groups on the rate development tendencies of insurance companies in the fully insured and self funded markets. It is through this shared knowledge that Endeavor and its client base will make better educated decisions regarding plan of benefit parameters now and in the future. That education will translate into lower premiums, which will serve to reduce company expenses and increase bottom-line profits.

Endeavor provides a comprehensive support team of friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive individuals committed to providing high level, unique consultative services and customer support to employer groups of all sizes.

And Endeavor’s plan does not stop with benefits. Like you, we share the goals of efficient costs plus good health and the best care for your employees. We understand that these elements can work together to boost employee satisfaction and retention, create a productive working environment, lower your benefits costs, and ultimately improve your business and increase your profits. To achieve these goals, we deliver a comprehensive plan and work regularly with you to monitor the health and wellness trends of your employees, ensuring you are addressing the factors that could drive up your costs in the future.

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